Physical Sciences

Molecular Farming – How Plants Produce the Vaccines of Tomorrow

Cornelia Eisenach tells us about molecular farming

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Acid Reflux and Magnetism

March 17, 2011 • Features, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences • Views: 3739

Yeong Yeh-Lee finds a use for the Hall Effect in Medicine

The Acousticians

March 17, 2011 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 2841

In the first of a two-part series, Alan Boyd looks at the little known beginnings of architectural acoustics

The International Year of Chemistry

March 16, 2011 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 1642

Craig McInnes celebrates the International Year of Chemistry, but asks the critical question “what’s it really all for anyway?”

Sustainable Glasgow

February 10, 2011 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 2986

Conaill Soraghan looks at Glasgow’s strategy to become one of Europe’s most sustainable cities within 10 years.