Writing & Editing

There are two main formats of writing we feature on our website: Features, and Snippets!


Snippets are covered through a snippet rota. If you are on the rota, every 12-20 weeks or so, you will get an email asking you to write a few hundreds words on a piece of science. You can also write snippets at anytime!  Send them in and we can keep them on file till the next publishing slot.  Snippets are a great way to get into writing and are published on both our website and various social media.

To get on the rota, or hear more, email our snippets team at [email protected].

So you want to write a snippet? There is a handbook covering everything you need to know about writing snippets available here.


Features are longer articles and go through a monthly process. The first Friday of every month, we have a headline deadline where you can submit the headline of a feature you want to write. After that you get paired with an editor and you have two weeks to write it. To get a thorough explanation of how the process works, and a guide to writing a feature, see here.

Headlines should be submitted here.

If you have any questions about the features, you can always get in touch with our submissions team at [email protected].


As an editor, you can either do specialist editing, which is style and content editing and based on your expertise, or copy-editing, which is grammar, sentence structure and typos. Both types of editing is great experience, and people in general find that the more editing they do, the better writers they themselves become. You can find a guide to specialist editing here.

If you are interested in editing, the easiest way to fill out this form so we can get in touch with you and see your relevant expertise. You are welcome to follow up with any questions – just get in touch at [email protected], which reaches the Editors-in-Chief. If you would like to do copy-editing, you should get in touch with our copy editing team at [email protected].

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