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I feel ya, I think? – the science of empathy

“[Oh] the giftie gie us; To see oursels as ithers see us”. As social creatures, we navigate life constantly guessing at the thoughts of others, often even coming to feel as others feel. But how does this actually work? Join Hazel as she untangles recent psychological theories in the exciting world of empathy.

Slip-ups in language switching

  During my visit home to the States last month, I experienced amusing linguistic slip-ups. My mother is a native Vietnamese speaker, and every time one of her friends tried to make conversation with...

Is Blockchain worth the Hype?

Gulpreet Kaur Chadha provides an insight into Blockchain, a great technology that has immense potential to revolutionize the digital world, but it should be embraced with caution, and one should think things through as it could also lead to techno-determinism.