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Podcast 29: Dear world… (TEDxUofG 2020)

We sent Iona Macwhirter-Harley, our Head of Multimedia, along to the TEDxUofG conference 2020 at the Queen Margaret University Union. The theme was ‘Dear world…’

Podcast 28: Modern medicine and successful dying

Katrina attended the Glasgow Science Festival event ‘Modern Medicine and Death – an Unhealthy Relationship?’ last Summer. In the words of Lana Del Rey, “you and I, we were born to die” – so why does our society struggle so hard against the inevitability of death?

Drug Factory in your Pocket: synthesis for the 21st century

1st Year PhD Student, Henry Powell-Davies, in the Cronin Group (School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow) introduces us to Reactionware, an innovation in the use of 3D printing that presents a move towards a universally accessible and affordable platform for on-demand drug synthesis: Introducing Reactionware – the ‘Kindle’ for Chemistry…