Meet The Team

This is the page about us – theGIST team. We are always more than happy to answer your questions,
so don’t be shy. For general enquiries, please contact



    – Has an MSc in Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy, now working on her PhD at the University of Strathclyde
    – Main point of contact for University of Strathclyde
    – Katrina’s hobbies include dying her hair and eating cheese



    – A Psychology & Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Glasgow
    – Main point of contact for University of Glasgow
    – Gabriela likes to justify her love of food with infrequent gym trips, and have the very occasional nerdy game of D&D



    – A Chemist working towards a PhD in Physics at the University of Strathclyde
    – Main point of contact for article submissions supported by deputy submissions editor Mirunia Costreie
    – Derek likes talking about science, and taking pleasure in people’s dismay when they find out how few movies he’s watched.



    – A Neuroscience undergraduate at The University of Glasgow
    – Miruna is cool…with whatever related to science, music or nature 🙂


  • SNIPPETS EDITOR: Richard Murchie

    – Currently a Mathematics and Physics undergraduate
    – Handles all snippet submissions and editing
    – Richard likes antidotes (the album not the remedy) and reading into ancient civilisations


  • HEAD OF COPY-EDITING: Kirsten Munro

    – Oversees and delegates copy-editing
    – Recently completed a Masters in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy and is now working for a medical communications agency in Glasgow
    – In her spare time Kirsten likes undertaking overly ambitious craft projects and running (very slowly)


  • HEAD OF VIDEOS: Aaron Fernandez

    – Responsible for the Video Team
    – Aaron is a Human Biology & Nutrition graduate, with interests in volunteering and public engagement


  • HEAD OF PODCASTS: Annabel May

    – Responsible for the Podcast Team
    – Annabel is studying genetics and spends most of her time eating crispy M&Ms, and listening to or making podcasts (“Only two of those things are related to my work at theGIST”). It is her dream to one day combine the three to achieve peak happiness.


  • EVENTS MANAGER: Daniele Guido

    – Organises events such as the pub quiz and socials, and oversees board and contributor meeting timetabling
    – Has a PhD in Cellular Biology and currently switching from academy to industry, dreaming to start his new career in medical communication
    – Daniele loves eating and cooking, and always has too many books to read and series to watch


  • FINANCE MANAGER: Anna Duncan

    – Sources and deals with funding for events, activities, and the magazine
    – Anna is doing a PhD in Particle Physics, looking for new particles with the ATLAS experiment. Other than Physics she likes climbing and maths.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS: Miriam Scarpa & Kaiser Saeed

    – Responsible for theGIST communication via Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, & Instagram
    – Miriam Scarpa is a PhD student in Molecular Pharmacology for Alzheimer’s disease. She has been doing dance
    since she was four but has also just decided to start learning piano


  • HEAD OF DESIGN: Sara Jackson

    – Responsible for poster and magazine layout, and designing promotional materials for social media
    – Sara is a final year Neuroscience student at the University of Glasgow, and spent one year in a research institute in the Netherlands as part of her Integrated Masters course
    – She loves playing sports, and currently plays netball for the University. On the rare occasion she has a few free hours, she loves to paint!


  • HEAD OF WEB: Matt Mitchell

    – Physics Undergraduate at University of Strathclyde