Meet The Team

This is the page about us – theGIST team. We are always more than happy to answer your questions, so don’t be shy. For general enquiries, please contact


– Working on her PhD in optical medical imaging and healthcare innovation.

– Main point of contact for University of Strathclyde.

– Has an unhealthy cheese obsession.



– A PhD student at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

– Main point of contact for University of Glasgow.

– Besides all kinds of science stuff, Sonya loves to travel.


    • SUBMISSIONS EDITOR: Kirstin Leslie

– A Public Health and Precision Medicine PhD student at the University of Glasgow.

– Manages feature submissions and the editing process.

– Spends her days telling people she is going to ‘eat less sugar’ and then proceeds to have cheesecake for breakfast, reading, surfing twitter, practicing yoga, and going out for dinner.



– A 3rd year Immunology student at the University of Glasgow.

– Supports the Submissions Editor in managing the article submissions process.

– Spends her spare time exploring all the eateries Glasgow has to offer and trying to fit in cinema trips to see as many films as she can; from the good to the absolutely terrible, she doesn’t discriminate.


    • SNIPPETS EDITOR: Frankie MacPherson

– 4th year Chemistry with Medicinal Chem MSci student, currently in Lyon for a placement year.

– Handles all snippet submissions and editing.

– Frankie loves music, writing, and reading, as well as travelling and exploring new cities and cultures.


    • HEAD OF COPY-EDITING: Gemma Donnelly

– A Neuroscience & Psychology PhD student at the University of Glasgow.

– Oversees and delegates copy-editing.



– In the final stages of completing an MPhil Medical Devices, Audrey is an MPhys graduate, part-time bar goth at Cathouse Rock Club and full time cat lady.

– Assists the Head of Copy-editing with management of feature editing and delegation.

– Audrey also loves language and storytelling so much she has been learning German for 3 years and hopes to be fluent one day.


    • HEAD OF MULTIMEDIA: Iona Macwhirter-Harley

– A Politics & Religious Studies undergrad student at the University of Glasgow.

– Responsible for video and podcast production.

– Very confused about how she ended up here but incredibly happy to come along for the ride. Childhood idols include Britney Spears and Dr Bunhead.


    • HEAD OF EVENTS & FINANCE: Miriam Scarpa

– Translational Pharmacology PhD student at the University of Glasgow, investigating drug targets for Alzheimer’s disease

– Sources and deals with funding for events, activities, and the magazine.

– Miriam will always have a to-do-list on hand for her day, besides, she loves dancing and Netflixing (sometimes at the same time!). And yeah, she’s obsessed with her cats Shadow and Sansa Stark.


    • HEAD OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Emily May Armstrong

– 3rd year PhD student at the University of Glasgow, specialising in plants and epigenetics.

– Responsible for theGIST communication via Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, & Instagram.

– A failed skateboarder, pretty good photographer, mediocre guitar player, excellent house-plant mother, vegan experimentalist, disability rights activist.


    • SOCIAL MEDIA DEPUTY: Luke Prentice

– EEE Undergrad at the University of Strathclyde, hoping to specialise in either Microfluidic Systems or Renewable Energy

– Assists the head with theGIST communication via Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, & Instagram.


    • HEAD OF DESIGN: Ola Kacprzyńska

– Currently an undergraduate studying Digital Media and Information Studies at University of Glasgow.

– Responsible for poster and magazine layout, and designing promotional materials for social media.

– Ola is obsessed with dogs, interested in various sports, loves travelling and bakes whenever she’s stressed.


    • DEPUTY HEAD OF DESIGN: Roxanna Munir

– Currently a PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University investigating novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

– Assists the head with layout and design of the magazine, posters and promotional materials.

– Roxanna has four main passions in life: science, art, rap, puns and cats. She is also bad at maths.


    • HEAD OF WEB: Ross Laidlaw

– Undergraduate Immunology student at the University of Glasgow.

– Manages the website, server, email, and related submissions processes/pages.

– Massive film nerd who genuinely finds election night exciting, likes to think he can play the keyboard, and has an unhealthy penchant for Tesco’s 79p salt and vinegar crisps.