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Do animals mourn?

Alexandra Brumwell explores cases where animals have been seen mourning and investigates whether this means that animals experience grief.

Can we hack our way out of the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: Can you hack it?

Thousands of online hackathons have been organised since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eva Sorokolet looks at some innovations from the pan-European ‘EUvsVirus’ hackathon and how they could help us return to normal life.

Drawing of a hand holding a phone with an instagram model promoting diet pills. Artwork by Maria Clara Liuzzi

A bad influence?

The promotion of diet pills, laxative teas and weight-loss supplements is now the norm on social media. Siobhan McGeechan explores this phenomenon in relation to social media influencers, specifically how their promotion of these products may be affecting not just the mental health but also the physical health of their followers.

Scared child standing in front of a wall with cat eyes graffiti

Is CGI too advanced for its own good?

Realism has always been held up as the ultimate goal of new animation technology; now that goal is within sight, and the result is making audiences recoil. Katrina takes a look at the movie ‘Cats’ and the phenomenon known as uncanny valley.