Epigenetic Engineering — The Next Generation of Gene Editing

Laura Turpeinen casts light on the state of the art of CRISPR-Cas9 epigenetic editing and evaluates its potential for gene therapy.

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Science Slam IV — Thinking Outside the Tesseract

September 10, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences • Views: 717

The fourth annual Science Slam took place on the 14th of July 2016 at the Cottier Theatre in Hyndland. Our roving reporter, Rebecca McHugh, was on hand to take in the wide variety of subjects these seven PhD students were speaking on.

Skeleton Athlete (Original Artwork Illustrated by Natalia Novakovic, Commissioned by Christian C Nyberg)-Feature

Wait and See: A New Approach for Making a Champion

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 388

For many years sporting organisations have recruited children and forced them to specialise in a specific sport. In this article, Christian C Nyberg investigates evidence on why organisations should hold off before pigeonholing an athlete. 
Credit: thevlue on Flickr

Malleable Memory

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 250

Kaitlyn Hair questions how much we can truly trust our own memories and considers the exciting new therapeutic potential that our flexible memories may unlock
Image credit: BASF – We create chemistry via Flickr

Can We Give Biotech the Green Light?

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 289

Nina Divorty delves into the debate around genetic engineering and its effects on the environment following a Glasgow Café Scientifique discussion at the Tron theatre.
Image credit: deviat_ed via Flickr

Cannabis — What Do We Know?

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 260

Nina Divorty joins the Glasgow public and four cannabis experts to hear about the science behind the highs, hazards and health claims at this year's Glasgow Science Festival.

Credit: Lovisa Sundin

Like a God from the Machine

August 23, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 549

Can cognitive science help us all agree to disagree?

Cyanobacterial cells

Photosynthetic Cell Factories: Making Sugar Out of Air

August 23, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 579

Mary Ann explores how photosynthesising bacteria can be used as chemical factories to make everything from biofuels to cosmetics.