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Life beneath the ice

Deep below the ice shelves of Antarctica, some creatures call this hostile environment home. Jennifer investigates how these ice shelves formed over generations and explores how scientists today made the startling discovery of immobile life beneath the ice shelf.

Being Vulcan Among Humans

Jen discusses reading Dr Camilla Pang’s prize-winning Explaining Humans through the lens of a science writer and enthusiast, as well as someone awaiting a diagnosis for ASD.

Why YOU need to know about periods

Menstruation is a normal biological process affecting a whopping 25% of the global population, but still remains a taboo topic. Not talking about menstruation has contributed to financial, educational, and mental burdens for those who endure it. Do you want to break the stigma attached to menstruation? If so, join Lauren in understanding the menstrual cycle and the problems that arise from being silent about it.