Keto or Ket(NO): A Scientific Look at the Keto Diet

Image Credit: epickidstoys Smith via Flickr
Nina Kratky

Nina Kratky

Nina is a Biology student with a specific interest in all things human. She is also a space enthusiast and enjoys scientific myth-busting.

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  1. Félix Audet says:

    If you’re interested in Keto Diet here’s what my friend has to say about it:

    ” I began the Keto diet after researching it all over the internet and talking to some family members that had tried it. The diet sounded awesome: all the meats and vegetables you can eat! However, I soon found out the difficulty of culling my addiction to carbs. I persevered through the tough spots, and I have managed to become much stronger than I was while leaning down to a weight where I am able to keep a high-intensity tempo for a longer period of time. The Keto diet has not only made me feel better about myself, but it’s also helped me scrape by in some situations that I cannot imagine the bigger me handling.

    So far, I have lost 30 pounds on Keto since starting in early March, around two months ago. I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, either! ”

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  2. elina says:

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