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Boys to Men

Felicity Carlysle reports a new experimental treatment that may make having a family possible for childhood cancer survivors.

Script Kiddies

Believe it or not, people are not born with innate computer programming abilities. But how do we develop an interest in the next generation computer programmer from a young age?

From Mars to Callisto

Unless you live under an impressively sized rock, you will of heard of the recent landing of NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars. But what are the possibilities for human exploration beyond the Red Planet?

Podcast Episode 2

What do you get when you cross cutting-edge science, good old-fashioned conversation and near-lethal levels of wit? The answer, of course, is the latest instalment of The GIST’s very own podcast. Four chatty members of The GIST decided to sit in a room and discuss some of the more pressing matters facing science, students and comic book-readers a-like.

Find out the meaning of cum hoc ergo proctor hoc in the first of a new feature called “Rhetological Fallacies”. Everyone discusses the recent incident of heavy-metal poisoning at Southampton University and the team raises the bigger question of who is ultimately responsible for safety in the lab. Lewis Ross introduces another new feature called “You broke my physics”, explaining how any number of super-powers could be used – somewhat unethically – to produce a perpetual motion machine. All this and more, available for your listening pleasure, in the newest instalment of our monthly podcast. Want to know what’s going on? Get The GIST.