Why don’t we know more about how to make ‘science for all’ a reality?

A pupil with ASN analyses the ingredients of three soft drinks at an outreach event. Credit: Jane Essex.
Jane Essex

Jane Essex

Jane taught Science, specialising in Chemistry, in a range of all-ability state schools for 16 years. She has subsequently worked in initial teacher education, preparing student science teachers for a teaching career. Her major focus has been the disciplinary demands of science and the opportunities it provides for learners with additional support needs, specifically intellectual difficulties. Her unique contribution has been the initiation of inclusive Salters’ Institute Chemistry festivals which have run annually for the last 15 years, as well as other inclusive science events, in recognition of which she recently won the Herald Global Game Changers Award for Innovation in STEM Education and Training and the Royal Society for Chemistry’s 2019 Inclusion and Diversity Award.

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