And the winner is…

Image Credit: The Guardian

It’s official. Last night theGIST was awarded Student Website of the Year at the Guardian Student Media Awards. The judges said:

“theGIST was the standout candidate which was content rich, and beautifully designed. We liked the fact the tone is different and accessible. National newspaper editors should be looking at this every day. A breath of fresh air and humorous too.”

Let’s just repeat that again. “National newspaper editors should be looking at this every day.” Incredible.

This award is a hugely joint effort. With over 100 contributors and 11 members of the board, we all made this happen. Every single GIST contributor. The admin team. The copyediting team. The layout team. The mistress of web. The podcast team. The submissions team. The video team. Everyone that has written, edited, or contributed in some way, we thank you. Very well done.

For those of you that have not yet contributed, what are you waiting for?



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