theGIST at #TEDxGU

You probably already know how much we love going out and reporting on everything science and tech-y happening in Glasgow and its surroundings. This weekend is no exception: we will be out and about again, at the University of Glasgow TEDx conference.

The Glasgow TEDx story started last year, with the conference taking place on the 15th of March. Numerous wonderful speakers took the stage, including some University of Glasgow staff members. This year, the theme of the event is “Crossing the Rubicon” and, as the idiom suggests, the talks will be focused on the many irreversible choices and advances that are defining this century – be they technological, sociological or psychological in nature.

The launch party last week gave us a bit of insight into what we might expect from this year’s speakers. Cameron Mackay’s talk focused on the impact of climate change, documented through his journey from the Indian Himalayas to Western Greenland. Graeme Hamilton spoke about the underprivileged and how an Internet connection can improve their living standards, while the last speaker, Sharon Too, gave an insightful talk on the misconceptions of failure.

This Saturday, we can look forward to hearing theGIST’s own editor Peter McGinty talk about asteroids and space debris (talk about a point of no return!) and Dr Adrian Buzatu discuss the very essence of our origin, among many other brilliant speakers. Come find us at #TEDxGU!


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