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Script Kiddies

Believe it or not, people are not born with innate computer programming abilities. But how do we develop an interest in the next generation computer programmer from a young age?

From Mars to Callisto

Unless you live under an impressively sized rock, you will of heard of the recent landing of NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars. But what are the possibilities for human exploration beyond the Red Planet?

Throw Me A Meal!

A carnivorous plant of the sundew genus uses two different types of mechanisms to trap animals, new research shows. Scientists in Germany studied the sundew Drosera glanduligera to understand how this plant uses a catapult mechanism to throw flies into its sticky leaf centre where digestive enzymes break down insects to extract nutrients essential for the plant’s development.

Astrochemistry: An Emerging Science

Our understanding of the universe relies on many scientific disciplines to explain its structure and evolutionary mechanisms. Over the last few decades, the emerging science of ‘astrochemistry’ has begun to gain momentum in the field of astronomy.