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Artist's impression of newly discovered planet, Proxima b. Image Credit: 
European Southern Observatory via Flickr (CC by 2.0 license)

Is There Anybody Out There?

Game changing discovery in the search for extra-terrestrial life – could Earth’s life-sustaining conditions also exist on nearby planet Proxima b?

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Image Credit: 
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr (CC by 2.0 license)

The Glaring Menace of Future Solar Eruptions

September 3, 2016 • Physical Sciences, Snippets • Views: 272

Richard Murchie explores how the sun’s erratic nature puts modern society at risk – could an eruption on the sun’s surface cause major electrical failure on Earth?

Credit: Vlado Danko via pinterest

Nanotechnology behind the evolution of iPhone

August 5, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 729

How could the iPhone become thinner, lighter but stronger year after year?

A spent fuel pool at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Clemente, Calif.

The Wasting of Nuclear Waste- Challenging the Status Quo

August 1, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 690

Nuclear waste remains one of the most controversial areas in an even more controversial topic, but by investigating the nature of the waste, John Lindberg shows the immense potential hidden in plain sight.

As the UK chooses to sever ties with the EU, what could the impact be on science? Credit: moritz320 via

Brexit Brain Drain

June 27, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences • Views: 971

Gabriela De Sousa discusses why leaving the EU might lead to funding devastation and researchers abandoning ship


Big Data, 4 Senses

June 27, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 816

Altea Lorenzo-Arribas takes a sensory journey through Big Data

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The Bright Future of Nuclear Power

April 27, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 1052

By arguing for Integral Fast Reactors, John Lindberg explores the lesser-known sibling of conventional nuclear power and its immense potential - if we decide to challenge the status quo.

Image credit: Henry Burrows via Flickr (CC by 2.0 license)

A Robot in Squid’s Clothing

April 16, 2016 • Physical Sciences, Snippets • Views: 1049

Soft robots now have a new stretchy, luminescent skin – inspired by octopuses and squids that change their skin’s texture and colour to camouflage with their environments