My fursona and me: a tail of identity

Image credit: Khaki on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Dzachary Zainudden

Dzachary Zainudden

Dzachary is a Microbiology graduate from the University of Glasgow specialising in virology. He is also a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, a fan of the detective comic ‘Blacksad’ and currently reading Marie Brennan’s ‘Memoirs of Lady Trent’ fantasy series.

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  1. Carlo Custodio says:

    I found Mr Zainudden’s research very engaging. It discussed the niche of the Furry community in a profound and concise manner.
    He has shown great ability in delving deep into the heart of his subject matter, and presented his conclusions in a fair and un-bias manner. It was very fascinating to comprehend more about this fandom than what is seen on the surface, and I commend Mr. Zainudden for introducing that sense of enlightenment.

    Overall, I say his article does a fantastic job of penetrating through the negative stigma usually associated with this form of community. And I must give great credit to Mr. Zainudden for his excellent reserach.

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