Why Does House Music Feel ‘So Damn Good’?

Image Credit: Marissa Trimble
Marissa Trimble

Marissa Trimble

I am a third-year classics student at Glasgow Uni.

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4 Responses

  1. George Smallwood says:

    It’s loud irritating druggie fuckwit music… It’s like heavy metal but for idiots.

  2. Some House Music can be beneficial; the right tones and modulations. can release dopamine to the brain. But one should choose wisely. I prefer the old classic Chicago style performed by DJs such as Mark Grusane,Ralph Rosari, Mr Lee, just to name a few. It’s a matter of preference. I’m speaking as a music lover,therapist, and composer! Sometimes…just feeling good is half the journey to feel well!!!

  3. Kenneth says:

    Electronic music has no plot. Jf you compared it to a story, it would sound like schizophrenic ramblings of the clinically insane. If you comared it to a painting, it would be the hacks who made modern art into something that can be profoubdly hated by all, except those who seek to find sense in something completely meaningless. That is what goes through the mind of every raver chick i met who insists she has a ‘connection with this beat’. Yee we have those in music school, they’re called metronomes.

  1. July 3, 2020

    […] Why Does House Music Feel ‘So Damn Good’? – BY MARISSA TRIMBLE · OCTOBER 8, 2018 […]

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