Pitch Perfect by Fiona Milligan Rennie

Image Credit: Matthew Paulson via Flickr.

Lights. Camera. PowerPoint. Action!

Producing the perfect pitch or presentation can be tough, and so the Water Innovation Challenge delegates were delighted to hear a flamboyant presentation from Fiona Milligan Rennie about presenting itself. Whilst effortlessly moving around the room and projecting her voice to the audience in a way that only a theatre-type can, Milligan Rennie shared a vast array of tips and techniques.

“Don’t write everything down,” she said “it can cause you to loose passion in a presentation.” Milligan Rennie instead advocates preparing notes or flash cards, and being thoroughly practiced.

Along with talking the talk, Milligan Rennie explained that body language is key to a good presentation. To make sure that your body language is right “everybody should have a proper look in a mirror every day and make a face at themselves that they will use in their presentation.”

As a final suggestion Milligan Rennie recommended using rhyme to get your audience to remember key messages. She explained that throughout the OJ Simpson Murder Trial their was one phrase that everyone remembered “if the glove don’t fit you must acquit”, and it seemed to work.

The purpose of Fiona Milligan Rennie’s talk was to inspire the pitches of the teams participating in the Water Innovation Challenge, which will conclude this afternoon.


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