Synaesthesia: Taste the Rainbow

Margaret Laurie

Margaret Laurie

Margaret Laurie is a Psychology student at the University of Glasgow with a keen interest in neuroscience and atypical psychology.

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  1. February 17, 2020

    […] Synesthesia is the fusing of two separate senses which helps people to experience more than one sensory sensation. Synesthesia marketing is the use of multiple senses, sometimes all five, to promote brands. In the past, marketing generally focused on audio and visual channels, however, today with so much competition in the global marketplace, brands are increasingly focused on all senses. Increasingly, brands are staking claims on scents, colors and trying to introduce cross-sensory communication. Brands have the important task of building a reputation which offers a positive recall for their audience. Through repetition and consistency in messaging, brands seek to engage and attract our target audience. We can do that through emotional experiences, feelings and perceptions. It’s known that emotion is impactful for the decision-making process. Brands that focus on multi-sensory marketing will be better prepared for the new era of The Age of You. If you haven’t thought about synesthesia, you might want to reconsider because synesthesia sells. You don’t have to spend big money, but you do have to spend time and have creativity in your design. […]

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