Breast Cancer Cells Create Their Own Escape Routes: New Insight into Cancer Metastasis

This is what a normal breast cancer cell imaged outside the body looks like. This high-resolution image was taken with a scanning electron microscope. Image credit: National Institutes of Health via Wikimedia Commons. This image has been released into the public domain by its author.

Emma Woodham

Emma Woodham is a PhD Student at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, working to understand how cancer cells move.

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  1. “making it dangerous if not caught early”

    Breast cancer is dangerous even if it is caught early! Only 4 – 6% of women with metastatic disease present that way at the time of their primary diagnosis. The remaining 94 – 96% were “early diagnoses,” with MANY of them being Stage 1 and Stage 2 at the time of the primary cancer. Research like this into the hows and whys of metastatic disease is extremely important, but please don’t buy into the lie, “early detection saves lives.” It doesn’t. Effective and innovative treatments that can target highly responsive cancer is what saves lives.

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