About Tim Revell

Tim Revell is a mathematician studying for a PhD in computer science. Find him on twitter at @timothyrevell or @GlasgowGIST.

The Dark Web

What do you do if you want drugs, hitmen, weapons or fake passports? Search the internet, of course! But a regular ol’ search engine isn’t going to be much help, especially as you’re probably being watched. So even if you do manage to order some nefarious goods, you will probably get caught. Now, we’re certainly … More

Insect Inspiration

One of the first things that I saw at the University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (CUE) was a small collection of locusts, not exactly what I was expecting. CUE has a range of different specialities, from biomedical engineering to underwater sonar, but I was there to understand a new project focussed on improving … More

Erdős Best Served Coded

Gigabytes of interesting, insightful data has been released for public viewing. The file contains never-before-seen information, revealing new knowledge to the world. For the first time in a long time, an introduction like this is not a news story about spying governments and Edward Snowden. There’s been a discovery in the world of mathematics, and … More

Party Animals

Tim Revell and Emilie Steinmark take a look at animal experience with intoxicating substances. More

And Now For Something Completely Similar

Fractals are possibly one of the most iconic images of mathematics. Timothy Revell writes about one of the most famous examples, the Mandelbrot Set.

Foamover FINALLY Understood

Timothy Revell writes about progress in the exciting field of alcohol-frothonology. More

For Fuchs Sake

Two brains, two jars, what could go wrong? Timothy Revell investigates. More

Zhang! And the Gap Is Gone

Timothy Revell writes about a mathematical result to change the world, sort of. More