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Podcast 9: Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Public

Our Explorathon Podcast is here! In this episode, Emilie, Barry and Josh travel a path of discovery to learn the importance of science communication. Helping them along the way are Jamie Gallagher, Joanne Dempster, Susie Mitchell, Zara Gladman, Ian Scott and Kevin O’Dell – key figures in Glasgow’s science communication scene. Join them as we learn why people communicate science, how they do it and why we should listen… 

When Scientists Meet Journalists

Scientists are rubbish at communicating their research outside of academia; at least that is the opinion I took in an article I wrote for theGIST’s Science for Society conference article competition. But others must...

University of Strathclyde Research Day

University of Strathclyde Research Day

On Tuesday 7th June in the Barony Hall, over 500 students, staff and visitors attended the University of Strathclyde Research Day.