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Photo of the TEDx University of Glasgow 2020 stage

Podcast 29: Dear world… (TEDxUofG 2020)

We sent Iona Macwhirter-Harley, our Head of Multimedia, along to the TEDxUofG conference 2020 at the Queen Margaret University Union. The theme was ‘Dear world…’

Podcast 22: Let’s Talk About [X] 2018

Conferences are kind of a necessity if you’re in a research role, but what about all the amazing research University of Glasgow undergraduates do? That’s where Let’s Talk About [X] and [X]position come in!...

We came, we saw, we conferenced

theGIST’s Science for Society conference is now over! We had an excellent day discussing and deliberating evidence based policy and the role of science in public policy. It was enlightening, invigorating and most of all...