Can we use online games as educational tools?

Pamela Atanasova

Pamela Atanasova

Pamela is a psychology student at University of Glasgow. When she is not busy exploring how the human brain works (or does not work), she is stalking the famous dogs of the internet.

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  1. James Gupta says:

    Hi Pamela – great article! I’m also a student with a keen interest in educational psychology, my colleague and I developed an app which applies these techniques into an intuitive platform students can engage with.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in writing some blog posts for our site as I think your writing style and research interests would align perfectly with what we’re doing!


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  3. Qamar says:

    all games which are the latest versions of all games ever but some kids or peoples love to play their favorite game

  4. One of the earliest games was the “Snake” which was launched in 1997. With the advent of sleeker platforms and consistent enhancements, the processing capabilities of today’s average mobile phone are much better than the processing capabilities of the costliest phone launched a decade back.

  5. Satta Number says:

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  6. simon says:

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