Podcast 10: Solar Sail Space Travel

Avast ye GISTers an’ set yer compass for the stARRs!

Today, first mates Josh Marsh and Aidan McFadden traverse the choppy seas of… space? With Dr. – I mean, Cpt. – Matteo Ceriotti from the University of Glasgow at the mast, they aim to explore the potential of solar sails for space-travel. Is there treasure in store for our crew or will they be left adrift? You decide



– Mesopotamian sailboats

– Mariner 10 Space Probe

– Sailing Information
Henry O’Brien

Sound references
– Bouncing Loop 113 by Corisca_S at freesound.org

– Wind of Innominatus (CC BY-NC) 140325 (Here) by Innominatus (Here) at freesound.org

– on a wooden ship at sea
(Here) by LXX.70 at freesound.org

– shanti-windchimes (Here) by ayamahambho (Here) at freesound.org

– Speedboat Outboard Motors, Tidore, Indonesia (Here) by RTB45 at freesound.org

– Sounds like rain by Lavrov (Here) at freesound.org


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  1. Mayisha says:

    Can you give a numerical estimate of the ratio of payload weight to sail size? I imagine the payload/space craft would have to be quite light in comparison to the sails themselves.

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