Seeing Red – Presumptive Tests for Blood

Felicity Carlysle

Felicity Carlysle

Felicity Carlysle is a 2nd year Forensic Science PhD student at the University of Strathclyde.

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2 Responses

  1. Tana Adkin says:

    Dear Felicity,
    I have a question about presumptive tests to distinguish animal from human blood. How reliable are these tests? If you could email me some advice or where to find out I’d be most grateful.
    Many thanks,
    Tana Adkin
    Charter Chambers

    • M.Barker says:

      Presumptive blood tests cannot determine the origin of the blood, it can only determine if the stain is most likely blood or not blood. If you get a positive result from a presumptive test and the stain appears to have the appearance of blood (i.e. red/brown) then there is another test called the ABA Hematrace test that can easily and rapidly determine whether or not the presumptive blood is of human origin. If this test is negative, then there are further immuno-diffusion tests that can identify the most-likely species of animal blood that this sample originates from.
      Hope that helps.

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