The Silent Killer

Following Hypertension Awareness Week, Alisha Aman looks at what hypertension is as well as the causes, effects, and cures for this silent killer.

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FemEng visit Rwanda

May 8, 2016 • Features • Views: 517

Pioneering Glasgow University Student Project in Rwanda

Credit: Keith Weller

Farming Resistance

April 30, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 504

Amy Irvine discusses antibiotic resistance and modern animal agriculture.
Credit: Alexey Krasavin via Wikicommons

Neglected Diseases: Is the Plague Coming Back?

April 29, 2016 • Features • Views: 276

The invisible threat – Ines Vollmer investigates overlooked infectious diseases that should worry you.

Image credit: Lauri Andler (Phantom) via WikiCommons (License)

Britain’s Sugar Tax: Will it be a Sweet Deal?

April 29, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 542

Last month, Chancellor George Osborne outlined the government’s economic plans in the 2016 Budget. This included the surprise introduction of a national sugar levy on soft drinks to combat childhood obesity. But will it work? In this article, Jiska van der Reest reviews the science behind the

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The Bright Future of Nuclear Power

April 27, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 337

By arguing for Integral Fast Reactors, John Lindberg explores the lesser-known sibling of conventional nuclear power and its immense potential - if we decide to challenge the status quo.


What Makes an Outbreak?

April 25, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 477

How do bacteria we consider household names cause such widespread disease and panic?


SPA Best Specialist Award – We WON!

April 10, 2016 • Features • Views: 585