Catlin Arctic Survey
Climate change science expedition

The Future from Our Past: Molecular Fossils & Climate Change

Climate scientists are unravelling the past so they can predict future climate change: An insight into the work climate scientists are doing in the BECS laboratory at the University of Glasgow.

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Credit:  NASA / WMAP Science Team WMAP # 121238 via Wikipedia.
 The cosmic background radiation from the big bang.

Can Neutrino Oscillation Explain the Universe?

September 18, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 194

Patrik Hallsjo discusses why matter particles outnumber antimatter particles in the universe, and how we use neutrino oscillations to help explain this.

Image Credit: Joe Lyward

Man Vs Maths and a Ship Filled with Gold

September 15, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences, Technology • Views: 559

It’s 3 September 1857. The SS Central America has just set sail from the port of Colón in Panama after a brief stay and is on its way to New York City. The ship is filled with millions of dollars’ worth of gold straight out of the California gold rush. It’s a beautiful day and a …

A New Dawn

September 14, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 220

On the one year anniversary of the detection of gravitational waves, we bring you this year's winning Science Writing Competition piece by Daniel Williams on what it was like being in the University of Glasgow's physics department when the discovery was made.


Epigenetic Engineering — The Next Generation of Gene Editing

September 12, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 384

Laura Turpeinen casts light on the state of the art of CRISPR-Cas9 epigenetic editing and evaluates its potential for gene therapy.


Science Slam IV — Thinking Outside the Tesseract

September 10, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences • Views: 669

The fourth annual Science Slam took place on the 14th of July 2016 at the Cottier Theatre in Hyndland. Our roving reporter, Rebecca McHugh, was on hand to take in the wide variety of subjects these seven PhD students were speaking on.

Skeleton Athlete (Original Artwork Illustrated by Natalia Novakovic, Commissioned by Christian C Nyberg)-Feature

Wait and See: A New Approach for Making a Champion

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 347

For many years sporting organisations have recruited children and forced them to specialise in a specific sport. In this article, Christian C Nyberg investigates evidence on why organisations should hold off before pigeonholing an athlete. 

Credit: thevlue on Flickr

Malleable Memory

September 5, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 208

Kaitlyn Hair questions how much we can truly trust our own memories and considers the exciting new therapeutic potential that our flexible memories may unlock