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New Cloaking Device Could Hide Future Buildings from Earthquakes

Usually if a building needs to withstand an earthquake, architects and engineers find ways to safely absorb its energy, for example, by building shock absorbers into the foundations. However, scientists at the Institut Fresnel are investigating a new technology which could, in certain circumstances, prove to be a superior option when dealing with the problems … More

You look like you need a nap, Grandma!

Do you often feel sleepy by 10 in the morning? Are you reading this right now and stifling a yawn, even though this is only the second sentence? Well, I’m afraid it’s only about to get worse. Research at the University of Glasgow has been investigating, using animal models, how our sleep changes as we … More

Part 3: The Self-Regulation of the Bitcoin Network

This article is part of a GIST series on Bitcoin. In part 1, we described the mathematics that underpins digital currencies like Bitcoin, as well as the security of the web itself. In part 2, we went into more detail as to how Bitcoin itself works. In this part, we will discuss further solutions to … More

Hello Potential GISTer!

There are many different ways to get involved with theGIST: writing, editing, artwork, podcasts, website, administration, videos, etc. Find out More

Science Fiction

Science fiction is all about using cinema, TV, books and comics to make the seemingly impossible possible. It may seem ridiculous to believe that in the near future you will be able to enter people’s dreams to steal their secrets or see a fully functional time machine made out of a DeLorean. In fact, the … More

Going Viral

The debate is still hot on whether viruses are alive or not. Like acrobats on a wire, these tiny entities walk the line between living and nonliving – although they are unable to metabolise, they still do an impressive job reproducing and infecting organisms. And they don’t just stop there. Sometimes, out of nowhere, viruses … More

Erdős Best Served Coded

Gigabytes of interesting, insightful data has been released for public viewing. The file contains never-before-seen information, revealing new knowledge to the world. For the first time in a long time, an introduction like this is not a news story about spying governments and Edward Snowden. There’s been a discovery in the world of mathematics, and … More

Obesity Weighing Down Your Grades?

  We all know that childhood obesity can have a negative effect upon the health of children, but new research completed at the University of Strathclyde (in collaboration with the Universities of Dundee, Georgia and Bristol) has found that obesity in adolescent girls is associated with lower academic attainment levels throughout their teenage years . The comprehensive study … More

Going Sour: A New Explanation for the Mass Dino Death

The undying mystery of the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction – the one where the dinosaurs famously perished – has gained another plot-thickening twist. A Japanese research team now claims to have shown that acid rain, with a horrifyingly low pH of 0-1 (that would be more acidic than the gastric acid in your stomach), could be … More

The Mystery of the Appendix… Unravelled?

The appendix, which is regarded as the body’s least useful organ, may not be so useless after all. For generations it was claimed that this small pouch protruding from the large intestine served no beneficial purpose to the body. Instead, it existed as a block of tissue, which would easily get inflamed, cause unnecessary pain … More

Just theGIST – The McGurk Effect

Everyone loves optical illusions, but what about auditory illusions? Tricks that confuse your hearing. Perhaps the most famous example is the McGurk effect. When listening to a sound, you hear different things depending on the images that you are shown. Sound interesting? Watch to find out more.