In the footsteps of Ice Age giants

Paleontological landscape painting of Tularosa Basin during the Pleistocene epoch, White Sands National Park, United States (2016), featuring six species of extinct Ice Age mammals - Columbian mammoths, a Harlan's ground sloth (left background), dire wolves (left foreground), American lions (center/left background), camelops (right background), and saber-toothed cats (right foreground, in reeds) - and a few other small creatures such as a rabbit, owl and two black birds. Image by NPS Photo (CC BY 2.0)
Katy Dycus

Katy Dycus

Katy graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Master of Letters in British Literature, with a special interest in the history of science and technology. Now, she works as a staff writer for the anthropology journal Mammoth Trumpet.

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