Of Mice and Research

Mus musculus or the house mouse. Image credit: Rama via Wikimedia Commons (License)
Teodora Aldea

Teodora Aldea

Teodora Aldea is a third year molecular biology undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow.

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  1. Mhairi says:

    Nice piece.
    We actually use ONLY females in our studies. Males are (very slightly) more aggressive to handle and (much) more odorous. But this is not the only reason we and I think most would use only one sex in animal work. Mostly we need as controlled a background to our results as possible. And the physiology and anatomy being slightly different makes results, especially at the molecular levels (e.g.biochemical, metabolomic, proteomic and even genomic) more reliable.
    What we need to be aware of, however, is how our results reflect on and translate into our research goals outside of the lab environment.
    In other words, not ignoring the ocean that shaped the pebble.

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