The certain possibility (or possible certainty) of the Higgs boson’s discovery

// Image credit: Daniel Giovannini

Daniel Giovannini

Daniel Giovannini is a PhD student in the optics group at the University of Glasgow. His main field of research is experimental quantum optics.

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2 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    All of the PRL papers by 1) Brout, Englert, 2) Higgs, 3) Guralnik, Hagen, Kibble were published in 1964. Not sure where the “second half of the 1960′s” comes from but it is incorrect.

    Also Frank Close wrote a book title “The Infinity Puzzle” not an essay.

    • glasgowinsight says:

      Thanks for pointing this out, and sorry for the late reply. We’ve corrected the article now to fix these issues.

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