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  • Research, Impact, and the UK Parliament: Interviews

    April 27, 2017 • Multimedia, Podcasts • Views: 73

    Gabriela De Sousa and Emily May Armstrong interview the speakers at the UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement Service event held in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. Listen to Dr Caroline Kenny, Dr Phil Larkin, and Simon Wakefield discuss how research is used to inform

  • TEDxUniversityofGlasgow 2017 Podcast

    March 22, 2017 • Multimedia, Podcasts • Views: 77

    Listen to Gabriela De Sousa discuss our coverage of TEDxGlasgow 2017 and listen to exclusive interviews with Richard Murchie and TEDxGlasgow's prestigious guests.

  • Man Vs Maths and a Ship Filled with Gold

    September 15, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences, Technology • Views: 864

    It’s 3 September 1857. The SS Central America has just set sail from the port of Colón in Panama after a brief stay and is on its way to New York City. The ship is filled with millions of dollars’ worth of gold straight out of the California gold rush.

  • SPA Best Specialist Award – We WON!

    April 10, 2016 • Features • Views: 1275

  • theGIST @ Pint of Science

    January 12, 2016 • Multimedia, Videos • Views: 2159

    In May 2015, the GIST video team visited Pint of Science in Glasgow. Held in 4 venues across 3 nights, speakers from all scientific backgrounds entertained audiences with some laid back talks, whilst the rest could enjoy a quiet drink in the process. It was

  • And the winner is…

    December 2, 2015 • Features • Views: 1683

    It's official. Last night theGIST was awarded Student Website of the Year at the Guardian Student Media Awards.

  • Science for Society Article Competition 2015

    October 29, 2015 • Features • Views: 2023

    Welcome to theGIST Science for Society article competition 2015. And the winner is…… Agnieszka Klawiter with Soundscape – what’s all this noise about? Soundscape – what’s all this noise about? by Agnieszka Klawiter Trick of the Light by

  • Soundscape – what’s all this noise about?

    September 1, 2015 • Science for Society Article Competition • Views: 2377

    Walking around in Manhattan, New York, you can find a hidden gem. It’s a beautiful park with green walls of plants and a stunning waterfall. It’s a little oasis in the middle of the city, engulfed by the quietness and gentle sounds of the flowing water