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A New Life Form is in Town!

Forget GMOs – it’s time for the GROs! Alisha Aman looks at genomically recoded organisms and the impact they could have on viruses and biochemicals.

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Leishmania mexican parasite at its promastigote stage. Image Credit: Wellcome Trust Images

A New Cure for Neglected Parasitic Diseases?

August 20, 2016 • Life Sciences, Snippets • Views: 292

Scientists screen over 3 million candidates to find one new compound capable of killing three species of disease-causing parasites.

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How Nanocatalysis Could Save the Sweet Tooth

August 13, 2016 • Life Sciences, Snippets • Views: 343

I. Emilie Steinmark investigates whether nanoparticles could be the toothpaste 2.0

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The Curious Case of the Vanishing Disease

August 6, 2016 • Life Sciences, Snippets • Views: 386

Claire Harris unearths a long extinct disease that still intrigues us several centuries on.

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Mapping the Monkey Mind

July 30, 2016 • Life Sciences, Snippets • Views: 381

Nina Divorty finds her way around the brain using a map with a difference – the monkey brain blueprint that gives new insights into neurodevelopmental disorders.

A cornfield in Ann Arbor, Michigan, during autumn. Image credit: IShutterToThink via Flickr (CC by 2.0 license)

Polycultures: The more the merrier

July 23, 2016 • Snippets • Views: 415

Because of its low tech status, polyculturing stands out amongst the recent slew of technologically-advanced agricultural techniques to increase yield – but what is it?

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Rising from the Dead

July 16, 2016 • Life Sciences, Snippets • Views: 505

When a person dies, could some of their genes come back to life? Alisha Aman explores the phenomenon of gene expression after death.

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The Magic Number is Causing a Climate Crisis

July 9, 2016 • Snippets • Views: 490

Recent flooding in Paris is a symptom of climate change – and it’s all related to the bonding of three atoms in our air.