Is CGI too advanced for its own good?

Scared child standing in front of a wall with cat eyes graffiti

Is CGI too advanced for its own good?

Realism has always been held up as the ultimate goal of new animation technology; now that goal is within sight, and the result is making audiences recoil. Katrina takes a look at the movie ‘Cats’ and the phenomenon known as uncanny valley.

The Baby Powder Backlash

A series of lawsuits have been brought against Johnson & Johnson by women alleging that talcum powder caused their ovarian cancer, a suggestion that current science does not support. Katrina Wesencraft takes a look at the evidence to see if there is a greater conspiracy at play.

LAW-less: Should We Ban Killer Robots?

With several countries investing in the development of lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs), many believe that we are in the midst of an artificial intelligence arms race. This technology has the power to transform modern warfare, but should we allow machines to determine and attack their own targets?

MAKLab Launch

Katrina Wesencraft peeks into a future of shared 3D printing and digital embroidery at the UoG launch of the MAKLab Makerspace.