Author: Eloise Johnston

The POST: The importance of posting your research everywhere

This article is Part III of III of our POST interview series with Dr Abbi Hobbs. In this final section of the interview, we consider the role scientists should have in governing bodies, and Dr Hobbs offers advice to young scientists who want their research to have a real impact on society.

The POST: scientists, researchers, collaborators, innovators

This article is Part II of III of our POST interview series with Dr Abbi Hobbs. In this next section, we discuss Dr Hobbs’s background and her work in the social science department of POST, the relationship between POST and the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment, and the challenges and demands of research in a political context that expects instant responses.

The Political Scientist

The UK Government has for many years been the willing recipients of scientific expertise and advice, largely when the physical world has given cause for alarm. But in 1999 when New Labour called for...

theGIST Science for Society conference

Science in policy-making: the role of evidence-based policy in a modern world The science of today’s technologically sophisticated society is central to addressing the challenges and complexities of life in a modern world. Yet...