About Adam Stock

Adam Stock is a Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde. His current research is based on improving controllers for wind turbines.

Attractiveness Can Make You Quicker (If You Are a Website)

New operating systems often look more “flash” than the previous iteration, with many an Apple/Android fan raving to their friends about the new look, but do improved aesthetics actually make the product better? According to new research by Irene Reppa of Swansea University and Siné McDougall of Bournemouth University, the answer is yes . By … More

Obesity Weighing Down Your Grades?

We all know that childhood obesity can have a negative effect upon the health of children, but new research completed at the University of Strathclyde (in collaboration with the Universities of Dundee, Georgia and Bristol) has found that obesity in adolescent girls is associated with lower academic attainment levels throughout their teenage years . The comprehensive study of … More

Does “Liking” Mean Less Giving?

Adam Stock looks in to a recent study about the effects of “liking” a charity on Facebook. More

Rock Around the Clock

How do you know how old a rock is?


Strong Coffee

Researchers at Glasgow University have found a startling range of caffeine levels in high street coffees.


What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

R.E.M. had a hit single in 1993, in which they asked ‘What’s the Frequency Kenneth?’ Now in 2011 Adam Stock finds engineers designing wind turbines are asking a similar question.


Cycling to Work – A Scientific Assessment

Adam Stock assesses whether cycling to work is as healthy as it seems.


Can Glasgow Become the Smartest Energy User in the UK?

Energy supply is a complex business. Fluctuating supply and demand mean it can be difficult for energy companies to produce enough energy during high demand periods without producing wasted energy in low demand periods.


Controlling the Green Giants

Adam Stock writes about the influence of control engineering on wind turbines and how the size limit for these machines may be reached for an unexpected reason.