About Cornelia Eisenach

Cornelia Eisenach is a biologist doing research in physiology and cell biology of plants at the University of Glasgow

Throw Me A Meal!

A carnivorous plant of the sundew genus uses two different types of mechanisms to trap animals, new research shows. Scientists in Germany studied the sundew Drosera glanduligera to understand how this plant uses a catapult mechanism to throw flies into its sticky leaf centre where digestive enzymes break down insects to extract nutrients essential for the plant’s development. More

Talking Science

The GIST’s Cornelia Eisenach, Andrew Farrell and Lydia Murray met the organisers of Glasgow Café Scientifique to talk science, the public and the media. More

Using Biology to Solve the Problem of Water Shortage

A UK-wide research project aiming to make fresh water by removing the salt from sea water was launched at the University of Glasgow in October. More

Molecular Farming – How Plants Produce the Vaccines of Tomorrow

Cornelia Eisenach tells us about molecular farming