Series: theGIST Podcasts

Podcast 7: Explorathon – Parasite Modelling

Hot and fresh out the oven, it’s our second Science Bite from this year’s Explorathon! This week, Josh, Sydney and Emilie chat to Fiona Achcar about using computers to model parasites and find their weak spots! 

Podcast episode 6: Explorathon – LiFi

Join Josh and Sydney – two of our newest GISTers – for the first in our short series of Explorathon 2014 flavoured science bites. Together, they talk to Stefan Videv from the University of Edinburgh about LiFi – an ambitious project which aims to to turn ordinary light into a high speed data source.

Podcast Episode 5

GISTers Debbie Nicol, Emilie Steinmark, Barry Robertson and Timothy Revell discuss some weird and wonderful science from Glasgow and the wider world. They start by looking at (and playing with) the new Lego Research Institute collection, followed by discussing the Haber process and how it has meant we can feed 7 billion people. They also talk about some research suggesting that dolphins squeal with happiness and where on the body it hurts most to be stung by a bee. Finally, they talk to Dr. James Windmill about some acoustics research inspired by insects.

Podcast 4: Podcasts Are Back!

The podcasts are back. After silence on the airwaves for over a year, we’ve finally recorded a new podcast. Though many of the voices are new, the theme is the same: science! Join the GISTers to discuss a rocks, hydro-gels, concussions and a curious turtle tail.

Podcast Episode 3

This episode, the team talk about giving the HPV vaccine to boys, 3D printing, patenting genes and much more. Originally published March 4, 2013

Podcast Episode 2

What do you get when you cross cutting-edge science, good old-fashioned conversation and near-lethal levels of wit? The answer, of course, is the latest instalment of The GIST’s very own podcast. Four chatty members of The GIST decided to sit in a room and discuss some of the more pressing matters facing science, students and comic book-readers a-like.

Find out the meaning of cum hoc ergo proctor hoc in the first of a new feature called “Rhetological Fallacies”. Everyone discusses the recent incident of heavy-metal poisoning at Southampton University and the team raises the bigger question of who is ultimately responsible for safety in the lab. Lewis Ross introduces another new feature called “You broke my physics”, explaining how any number of super-powers could be used – somewhat unethically – to produce a perpetual motion machine. All this and more, available for your listening pleasure, in the newest instalment of our monthly podcast. Want to know what’s going on? Get The GIST.

Podcast Episode 1

Podcast Episode 1

In this episode you’ll find the best bits of our recordings over the last few months, including:
Beer that stays fresher for longer; the real Spongebob Squarepants and the relationship between monkey genitalia and self-awareness.
Thanks for listening!