Series: theGIST Podcasts

The Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology’s Monthly Podcast, produced by our Head of Podcasts, Iona Macwhirter-Harley. We are a Glasgow-based science communication group who love to talk about the latest developments in science and tech, local science events, and interview researchers about their work.


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Podcast 25: Technology at our fingertips

Sonya discusses the issues associated with prostheses currently available to children and how 3D scanning is transforming the development of prosthetic limbs.

Podcast 24: The problem with Arctic amplification

Recently, scientists have been observing that the problems associated with climate change are being felt much more severely at the top of the planet. So why is this, and what exactly is “Arctic Amplification”?

Podcast 22: Let’s Talk About [X] 2018

Conferences are kind of a necessity if you’re in a research role, but what about all the amazing research University of Glasgow undergraduates do? That’s where Let’s Talk About [X] and [X]position come in!...

Podcast 20: A Look Back on 2017

New year, new us? Of course not, we don’t need to change – we’re perfect as we are! Annabel and Gabriela take a look back on all the events theGIST covered in 2017. That...