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In the latest instalment of Just theGIST we talk in the context of the current Ebola outbreak about a promising treatment option by the drug ZMapp. We explain how ZMapp works and why it...


Thanks to antibiotics we are able to easily treat bacterial infections. In the latest instalment of Just theGIST we explain how they work and discuss the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance.


Lasers are important for many processes in our everyday life. Have you wondered exactly what is laser light? In the latest instalment of Just theGIST we explain what’s so special about laser light and talk about its applications.

The Potato Paradox

Start with 100kg of potatoes consisting off 99% water, the potatoes dry out so that there is only 98%, how much do they weigh? The answer is not as simple as you think… Find...

The McGurk Effect

Everyone loves optical illusions, but what about auditory illusions? Tricks that confuse your hearing. Perhaps the most famous example is the McGurk effect. When listening to a sound, you hear different things depending on...


In the fourth episode of Just theGIST we explore the molecular effects of a substance we all know and love – CAFFEINE. Brew yourself a cup and find out! Please subscribe to theGIST youtube...

Those Dam Goats

In the third installment of Just theGIST, Timothy Revell gets enthusiastic about goats. Think that goats are boring animals? Then you’re wrong! Find out more in this video. Please subscribe to theGIST youtube channel.