A spent fuel pool at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Clemente, Calif.

The Wasting of Nuclear Waste- Challenging the Status Quo

Nuclear waste remains one of the most controversial areas in an even more controversial topic, but by investigating the nature of the waste, John Lindberg shows the immense potential hidden in plain sight.

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Epigenetics and Evolution: Revising the Theory

July 31, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 468

Alexander Osborne is investigating the potential implications that epigenetics may have on our understanding of the theory of Evolution.


Reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease?

July 24, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 413

Pamela Atanasova investigates how scientists managed to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in one week!

Credit: Andrew Huff via flickr

A lightbulb moment for obesity research

July 20, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 488

Holly Scott asks whether artificial lighting could be making us fatter.

Credit: Matto Fredriksson via flickr

Conquering K2: The Challenges of Synthetic Cannabinoids

July 1, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 542

Alice Seywright looks at why synthetic cannabinoids are proving to be an uphill struggle for toxicologists, policy makers and the prison system.

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Can drinking coffee really reduce liver damage caused by excess boozing?

July 1, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences • Views: 507

Like drinking a wee bit too much? New research suggests that drinking more coffee can reduce the risk of developing alcohol-induced liver damage. Jiska van der Reest investigates the claim.

As the UK chooses to sever ties with the EU, what could the impact be on science? Credit: moritz320 via

Brexit Brain Drain

June 27, 2016 • Features, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences • Views: 659

Gabriela De Sousa discusses why leaving the EU might lead to funding devastation and researchers abandoning ship


Big Data, 4 Senses

June 27, 2016 • Features, Physical Sciences • Views: 530

Altea Lorenzo-Arribas takes a sensory journey through Big Data