About Chris Brennan-Jones

Chris Brennan-Jones is a final year audiology student at Queen Margaret University

Is your personal music player doing you damage?

It’s happened to all of us – you walk past someone and you can hear every beat, riff and wail coming from their headphones. If you’ve ever wondered whether this could be damaging their hearing, the answer is yes. In the past, noise-induced hearing loss typically affected industrial workers, because they experienced prolonged exposure to … More

What are you looking at?

Do men and women really view the world so differently? More

The Donkey Sanctuary Debate

In tough economic times and with funding for scientific research as competitive as ever, how can we be sure that we are funding the projects that will benefit society the most? More

Science Exchange: Creating an eBay for Science?

What happens when you want to conduct an experiment but don’t have the resources?


Armageddon Out of Here

The threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth and destroying all human life is a constant worry for astronomers, Armageddon hypothesisers and those with a nervous disposition; however their concerns are not completely unfounded (remember the dinosaurs?).


Monkey Business

Evidence has shown that only humans and great apes have self-recognition – the ability to recognise themselves in a mirror – a cognitive facility that has so far eluded the common monkey.


Talk to the Right Because the Left Isn’t Listening

Do you think you have a favourite ear? Recent research has shown that most people prefer to listen with their right ear when forced to choose between the two.


Don’t Cry for Me…

We usually associate tears with sadness and misery, however new research has revealed that they may actually have an additional meaning.


Queen Bee Turns out to be a Commoner

A recent study into the genetics of bees has shed light on the hereditary of the illustrious Queen Bee.